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DIV0029 File With Cuticle Remover - 14 CM

DIV0029 File With Cuticle Remover - 14 CM



Hight: 14 CM


Nails should always befiled when dry to ensure amooth edges.Place the sapphire file under the nail edge at a slant and file in one direction only.Back and forth filing may cause cracking and splitting.For best results,nails should be filed into an oval shape following the contour of the fingertip.Filling to a point weakens the nail.The file may be rinsed in warm water to remove residue.Allow to air dry.Cuticle Remover:Push away any strands of skin or ragged edges of cuticle carefully and gently with the ”V” tip.Never cut the cuticle itself,since cutting will only toughen the skin and may damage the nail or oead to infection.

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